Sunday, 2 March 2014

The finished result, my biggest tattoo ever :D

Just wanted to show you how it turned out in the end! It was a long and rather painful process... but I got there in the end. Doing 5h one day and 6.5h the next was rough. Anyway, now that's done and I can heal up and enjoy the result.

Keep in mind that it looks a lot darker in the photos than it does after healing. The part on the middle of my back is more accurate, as that part was done in January!

Click for larger image!

I know it's rather large, and it's quite .. crazy. Obviously I love it, or I wouldn't have done it. The pattern is based on traditional Norwegian folk art, namely rosemaling (translates to rose painting). I guess growing up I always had an attraction to this part of Norwegian culture and history, and somehow I found myself down this path.

Edit: After Nicki's comment I have to add something about this... on an emotional level. I have wanted to do this for ages. Originally I was going to wait until I was ready. Ready meaning physically ready. Thin enough to get it, or good enough. Like I wasn't there already. But at some point I decided...... I am now. So I did it!

Hope you like it - if you don't, that's okay too. ;)

Thursday, 27 February 2014

Painful days..

... 5 hours today, and another 5-6 hours tomorrow.. Work in progress, but it's getting there!

Yeah I know. I'm crazy ;)

Monday, 24 February 2014

Losing weight in London!

I went on a trip to London with my siblings, and managed to actually lose a pound. I was stunned when I weighed in today, because we had a lot of good food! I steered clear of the sweets though, and we walked a lot.. but still, I was just stunned!

This takes me to 105.4kg, which is 20.1kgs / 44.3lbs lost in total. I've been looking forward to finally hitting that 20kg mark. I'm now at the lowest weight I have been since I started this weight loss journey, and I am really, really looking forward to seeing double digits for the first time in almost 10 years. I know that "onederland" is huge for you guys, but getting below 100kgs is huge for me. Then I'll work toward onederland! I'm also excited about working toward 50lbs lost, that is a big deal! Every single lb I lose now is a new "lowest weight in 10 years", so I'm just really happy!

Here are some shots from the trip! If anyone of you is on instagram, my account is marenlm!

The London Eye!

Golden Jubilee Bridge

And from the air!

Such a city!

Big Ben!

Big Ben + sunset

Tower Bridge

Big Ben at night!

London Eye at night

Playing with my camera, catching a bus ;) (Not photoshopped,
just a long exposure)

Hope you guys are well!

Thursday, 13 February 2014

Recent eats. Yes, this is a bragging post!

I'm in SUCH a good flow these days. I make my meals healthy, simple, good! I'm losing weight, feeling pretty good about the effort I'm putting in. There are a lot of things that could be better in my life, but this specific part of it is under control. It feels amazing to have hit the 40lbs lost mark (albeit again......), and I want to keep going. I'm motivated!!

Rotissary chicken, salad, low fat dressing.. Mmm!

A chicken/tomato/creme fraiche pie I tried making. This serving
was 450kcal without the avocado.

Steak, corn, tomato/red onion/feta, cucumber, aioli

BBQ steak, cucumber, tomato, onion, avocado, potato salad.

Fruit salad!

Ham, scrambled eggs, sour cream, cucumber, melon

BBQ chicken, corn, potato salad, cucumber, tomato.

Low fat vanilla quark with fruit

Vegetable & sausage soup!

BBQ chicken, salad, home made dressing and croutons!
Whenever I fry something I use light options, all low fat dressing, I meticulously weigh my food - especially the rich on calories stuff. I feel like I need to cling on to this mojo and just keep doing it. It's going so well right now and I sincerely hope that every day makes me closer to making this a lifelong change!

I do however need to expand my repertoire .. as you can see, I eat the same stuff over and over again. ;) If these eats made you think of something you like, please share! I need suggestions for sure. :D

Monday, 10 February 2014

How it looks like in the dark + Weigh-in!

I've recently rediscovered my passion for photography, and I've been going around trying to capture some new things. One thing I was terrible at before was nighttime photography. It's SO hard! During my trip to Seattle I picked up a few tips from B, and suddenly I was doing it!

Here are some photos that I think turned out well, from a nightly excursion to Mt Fløien! Click the photos to see a larger size!

I definitely will be doing more of this! Only problem is that I don't particularly like hiking in the dark, especially not going down from the mountain.. think I need to invest in a good headlamp!

I weighed in today, and was happy with the result. I was down 1.1kg / 2.5lbs since last Monday, which I think is a good result in a week. It also brought me above the 40lbs lost mark again, currently at a total of 42lbs lost. I'm eating super healthy and intend to stick with it!

Friday, 7 February 2014

No one would think it's February around here!

I hiked in the Arboretum with my friend Anne-Britt, and there is nothing that looks like February and winter around here - and I am loving it!

Definitely not looking like February!

Not this one either!

Tiny flakes of ice, but still!

Looking down towards the cove

Soooooo pretty!

Thank you guys for the advice on my last post. I really appreciate it! I feel like I'm in an excellent foodwise now, I have a plan and I'm sticking to it without any real effort, keeping in mind that I will hit rough patches but will try to just push through when that happens!

Tuesday, 4 February 2014

My first proper hike after being sick: 12k / 7.3miles

I've struggled with this stupid cold for weeks on end now, and I still cough from time to time. I had to get out of the house and start exercising again, and what was supposed to be a small hike turned into a really long one, 4 hours long to be precise. It was a beautiful day though, and it was good for me.

I'm not in the best place mentally these days, I feel like I'm in this rut where I'm really lacking in motivation for almost everything. Hiking made it feel a little better, but I'm at a crossroads in terms of what I'm going to do about school, and feeling like I need some changes in my life. Don't know what or how, just know that I need something.

The weather was amazing, like spring!
Some ice here and there!
Not sure the ice on this lake is safe ;)
Semi frozen creek!
The same creek!

I love it when sun beams break through like this!
I remember someone telling me years and years ago that when the light breaks through clouds like in this picture, it's a spotlight on a good deed. I kind of like that thought!

Sunset over the Svartediket dam. So beautiful!

Having these hiking opportunities outside my door is what makes me reconsider getting a new gym membership. I'm still on the fence about it, but we'll see. I know I need strength too, but I have to explore all options! I've reached out to PlumPetals asking her to help me make a more informed decision! Thankfully she's agreed to help me! :)